DAY83 Day-Off in Genissac2 (France)

The 2nd day I spent in Genissac today.

I have to wait until a repairing part for my buggy arrives here at B&B(Au Domaine du Chai).

I love French bread and croissant so much the owner Florence go and buy at a bakery nearby.

Taking my time to enjoy breakfast at dining room.

It’s unusual for me to have such a luxurious time while traveling.

Washing my clothes, studying basic French language and writing picture postcards…The day was too short to do everything I want to do.

No time to spend outdoors today.

Autumn is my favorite season. It’s been cloudy or partly rainy for these two days. Hope sunny breaks tomorrow.

Just 3 years ago today, I finished running Australian longest 90 mile (145.5km) straight road.

It was in the middle of desert called The Nullarbor Plain.

Heat was not a problem to me but boringness and lack of food and water.

I carried about 70kg luggage including 25 liter water and lots of food.

Trying not to be negative, I kept moving on but it was not easy to run across 1200km desert all by myself.

But what I learned out there was...

Something necessary should be given to me by someone else.

And something I have can be shared with someone else.

Fortunately I was given a lot of food and water by many tourists in the Nullarbor.

What I was doing looked too crazy for them but it must have impressed them.

After all I survived. Actually I cycled across the Nullarbor Plain in 1995 too.

I have no idea I traveled across the Nullarbor again but it often tells me to come back...

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3045.8 km

* See More Photos

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