DAY73 Day Off in Chambray Les Tours 2 (France)

Visited a cycle shop in Tours running about 9 km from this hotel.

It’s a small shop, of course they don’t have a special part for Chariot CX1.

One of the staff Antoine made his own part which suits for my buggy.

Amazing!! He made it!! He is a real craft man!

About 20 minutes, he made my buggy revived!!

I asked how much it cost but he said he didn’t know.

Neither did the owner.

They said it’s free as a wish good luck to me!

How happy I am being treated me that way!

This is the very moment when I feel happiest I am a traveler.

As they wish me good luck, I’ll keep running till the end of the world. Yes, I definitely will!!

I am able to run together with my partner VIENTO2 tomorrow.

Nothing is unbreakable. Everything which has life will die.

That’s the law of nature. We cannot go against it.

*Today’s Distance: 18.1 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2701.7 km

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