DAY77 Chauney-Saint Fraigne 37.3km (France)

A traveler really knows well how a traveler feels.

Jean-Phillips, the owner of Hotel Central, is a nice guy who takes good care of others.

He said he had traveled a lot. He has knowledge and experiences through his travel and with his imagination he easily understands how travelers feel whatever situation they are in.

Yes, he is more than a traveler with a warm heart. I realized how good travel is to have met a nice guy like him.

His eyes were shining like a child while talking about travel.

Visiting more than 20 countries but he likes Mexico best.

He said he was a Mexican in his mind.

On Friday nights in Mexico, they have a party here and there.

Even if they are strangers to each other, they become AMIGO at the party.

He has never been to Japan. But he loves Japanese culture and history. Especially SUSHI is his favorite Japanese cuisine.

As Japan is also his target of travel, he will be traveling in Japan someday.

Ate too much breakfast. I drank cold beer last night just before going to bed.

Today I kept running without eating anything. All I had was just a bit of orange juice.

I had never become hungry at all while running.

10.5 hours after breakfast, I ate nuts, dried fruits, 2 organic tomatoes(so fruity and good) that Jean gave me and orange juice.

As my wife Piapi often says to me, “Bite well taste well.”

That’s important. To bite well makes me eat less.

Food is not only what to eat but also what we taste.

Following a nice and quiet country road today too.

Sunny blue skies and cool wind was blowing.

I haven’t seen neither cars and people along the way.

I saw a field filled with so many sunflowers.

*Today’s Distance: 37.3 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2894.5 km

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