DAY79 Birac-Saint-Martin-d’Ary 50.9km (France)

Kept a panel heater on all through the night.

It’s winter at night and early in the morning.

Luca, Daniel’s son got breakfast ready for me.

He’s interested in Japan. He said he liked everything about Japan. He practices Judo.

Someday he may come and visit Osaka.

He took some pictures for me and saw me off at the gate when I left.

I said goodbye to him and enjoyed a long downhill from B&B.

Went over several hills watching vineyards.

Yes, wine industries are big business around this area.

Cognac, Champagne are also world-famous places in France.

Warm enough in a daytime when the sun shines.

Took a lunch break near the Chillac Castle.

These days I have followed a country road where there are no supermarkets along the way.

I saw just a community hall, and cemetery or post office.

Soon I reach Bordeaux, and the border of Spain is getting closer.

Tomorrow the total distance of my run reaches 3000km.

Another 1000km to go.

How far can I go?

*Today’s Distance: 48.9 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2994.3 km

* See More Photos

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