DAY95 Soustons 3 (France)

Pouring rain in the morning.

I have decided to stay here in Souston until Friday morning.

I guess I need to take a good rest for my left ankle.

Hopefully it is going to get better, and then I will move to Saint Geours de Maremne, where Catherine takes care of me for a while.

She lives not far from here Souston.

And then I run to southward till I get to Saint Sebastian Airport to fly to Paris in early November.

It is in Spain, very close to the border of France.

That’ll be my finishing point out there.

First I was supposed to run to Lisbon, Portugal, next, to Santiago de Compostela, then in Madrid…

After all I am supposed to finish not that farther in the west.

Anyway, it’ll end just after I have crossed the border.

So next trek starts at the airport where I soon start Camino de Santiago. Saint Jean Pier de Port, the starting point is very close.

Not everything goes well as it is wished to be.

Something will go wrong in the way we haven’t expected.

But whether it’s good or bad, we have to accept it as it is.

All we got to do is do our very best each and every day.

Elizabeth took me to a village center for shopping.

Soon the sun and the blue sky came back.

Day 100 is drawing near.

Looking back all those days, it’s been long. About one-third of the year, I’ve been traveling far away from home.

But I know some friends who traveled around the world for 8-11 years.

Basically I travel one country or one continent(island) per year.

Making a plan, raising money, I get ready for the start.

The goal of my Peace Run comes when I have completed 40,000 km on 5 continents.

When I have finished running this time, total distance should be about 16,000 km on 3 continents. Still less than half of the 40,000 km.

The rest of Europe, Asia, then in Africa and South America are waiting for me.

I don’t know how long it will take to achieve this project.

Step by step, one goes far.

All I got to do is GO THE DISTANCE!!

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3261.8 km

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