DAY70 Mer-Chaumont Sur Loire 42.2 km (France)

Edinho rushed to the bakery just in time for its opening.

As he praised, croissant and pain traditionnel were the best!

French breakfast is simple, just coffee or tea, orange juice, bread and jam, butter.

I said goodbye to him and started at 8:00.

After running about 750 meters, I notices I had not returned a room key.

So I rushed to the hostel. Though I ringed the bell, no answer.

I left the key on a dining table. I was lucky I noticed as soon as I started.

Followed a quiet trail along the River Loire.

Next problem happened afternoon.

I found something wrong with the front wheel.

Then I tried to find a cycle shop on Google Map, which was within 1 km.

When I arrived at the shop, it was closed but it seemed there was someone inside. I knocked on the door to ask for help.

I explained to the owner about what had happened to the front wheel.

He said yes and checked the wheel.

When the shaft broke down yesterday, bearing might have gone.

He said there was no ball bearings.

I often ran on rough road, it’s too rugged and sometimes rocky surface.

About 20 minutes he completed my wheel.

I said, “How much?” He said, “Smile.”

How nice of him!!

I told him about my PEACE RUN and gave him business card and took a picture of he and his wife.

Wherever I go, there’s someone who helps and supports me.

I’m so happy.

It started to rain afternoon.

I followed normal highway with no shoulders.

To stay out of heavy traffic, I ran small path along the river.

But I hit on a river with no bridge. I had to turn back.

Sometimes the road was muddy owing to rain.

I stopped running after running 42.2km in Chaumont Sur Loire where there was a Municipal Camp.

Manager was a nice guy. He welcomed with a big smile.

€5.42 was a nice price.

Camping in the rain. Hope it’ll be sunny tomorrow.

*Today’s Distance: 42.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2635.4 km

*See More Photos

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