DAY74 Chambray Les Tours-Les Ormes (France)

Sunrise at 8am, sunset 7:30pm. Daytime is getting shorter, which means I can run less than 12 hours.

7 degrees in the morning. It’s kind of chilly to camp out.

My buggy VINETO2 revived. Today both VINETO2 and I had a really good time. But after running 2700 km from London, it’s not in perfect condition.

Most of the time I ran on the narrow shoulders of Highway D910.

Until I got out of Chambray Les Tours the traffic was heavy.

After getting out of the city, it’s not bad.

There are some small towns and villages on the way.

In the morning it’s chilly. If I kept running, it kept me warm.

In the afternoon it got warm enough.

At 3:45, I arrived at Municipal Campground in Les Ormes but the office is closed.

I waited and waited but no one came back. About 6 pm, a man came around and said it’s closed. Camping season was over at the end of September!

So I came back to town center and asked a man if there was a hotel in town. It was just in front of B&B.

The owner, who was a Chinese man whose wife is a French, showed up but it’s also closed at the end of September.

I said I had nowhere to go. And I was allowed to stay there. Usually it costs €120 but they said I could stay at €30!!

Morning temperature becomes lower than 10 degrees these days.

It’s a bit hard to camp out.

How lucky I am!


*Today’s Distance: 46.9 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2748.6 km

* See More Photos

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