DAY82 Day-Off in Genissac (France)

 bread cutter...like a gilotine

The morning after my buggy got broken down…

Enjoyed a really good breakfast. French bread and croissant are best combination. The owner got fresh ones at a bakery in town.

Breakfast was too good for me to forget the trouble that happened yesterday.

Mr.Ueda, PLEASANT owner who deals THULE CHARIOT said he would send the parts I need to France.

Those parts were from the buggy I had used before.

Then all I need to do is wait here until the parts arrive.

It may take 4 days at earliest. So I will keep staying at this B&B Au Domaine du Chai, Genissac.

After breakfast, the owner Florence gave me a ride to town where I bought some food. And I sent some staff that I don’t use any more such as camping gear.

Cost €110 to send them to Japan. The package weighed about 12kg.

So my buggy will feel lighter than before.

Simple is the best. It’s true both in life and travel.

The more things we have, the more care we need.

Everything happening to us in this world is caused by ourselves.

Invisible power works and we meet someone somewhere or something unexpected happens suddenly.

Even it it’s good or bad, we have to think about why that happens or why we meet them.

As every encounter has its own meaning, everything that happened in this world too has its own meaning.

Before we go forward, we can get ready for what will happen later by thinking its meaning.

Because I myself am poor at learning everything, I often make a mistake.

But people around me are always helpful so that they support and help me. That’s what I got to appreciate most.

When we hit on a hard time, we often feel alone. It’s not true.

We’re all connected to each other wherever we are.

We have to notice the truth. We can go on but if we get tired or feel hard we can take some rest.

It’s high time we changed. Yes, it’s a turning point of our lives

Voices from the heaven says,

“Remember…The time left in your travel is the same as the time left in your life.”

That’s why I got to do my very best looking for the best way to enjoy everything as possibly I can.

It’s not easy. If we try to find an easy way, it’s going to be much harder.

We’d better accept a hard time or we have to be willing to have  hardship and go on in a tolerant way.

While running, I picture myself running my very best.

While not running, I picture myself enjoying my run with a smile.

In this way, I’ll feed back my experience, something I watch and listen, to those who need and I’d like to share them with people all over the world so that the world will go on in the best way.

It’s a mission of Adventure Runner who is allowed to run and travel around the world.

Also it’s my mission to send peace to people’s mind.

I just want to send to someone just standing by me, it’s okay not to everybody.

Hope they keep it in their mind for a long long time.

We grow up each and everyday by repeating encounter and farewell.

When I was a teacher, every time I attended graduation ceremony, I would think that way.

For me now the planet earth is my school.

And people I meet along the way are all teachers.

There are so many things we have to learn and we got to keep learning
something new no matter how old we are.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3045.8 km

* See More Photos

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