DAY97 Soustons 5 (France)

5th day-off here in Soustons.

Funny how time flies…

My left ankle is getting better. I can walk with no problem.

Tomorrow I’ll move to Sain Geours du Marenm where Catherine lives about 12 km from here.

8th of November my wife Piapi and her pals come and see me in Paris.

We haven’t seen each other more than 3 months.

Enjoy chatting almost every day and night but it’s totally different from seeing face to face.

Looking forward to it.

Visited Elisabeth for a greeting and to use Wi-Fi.

Her computer went wrong and her son(Surfer) came and to fix it.

And I brought One-Tooth Geta to let him try on.

He was so excited about it!

More than 30 years experience of surfing, he really has a good sense of balance.

And Elisabeth tried it on too.

Whoever wear this wooden sandal makes a smile.

It is a magic footwear, yes it really is.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3261.8 km

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