DAY93 Soustons (France)

Left ankle still hurts. So I decided to stay one more night.

It must be a sign which tells me to stop running.

We human beings are just flesh and blood which is destined to perish.

We got to enjoy ourselves as long as my body keeps moving.

Last week I took a week-off in Genissac because my buggy broke down.

This time it’s my turn.

Elizabeth took me to a local art festa held in a park in Azur.

There were some artists who showed their works at their own booth.

All works were so good and I had a really good time to know what art was for.

Then we drove to Vieux-Boucau les Bains to see North Atlantic Ocean.

When was the last time I saw the sea?

It was good to smell the sea and to feel sea breeze.

Though it was not warm, there were a lot of surfers enjoying the waves.

Probably I visit a small town or village where a Japanese tourist seldom visits.

But in such a place I may have a chance to know what real French culture is like.

Late afternoon Elizabeth took me to her son’s place.

It was kind of a commune where some families lived together.

The Peters’ are from Denmark. They come to spend some time on vacation.

This seems unusual life style for us Japanese but it’s a very good way to live, so flexible and free from the fixed idea.

It’s a world of ecology where people can share anything they have, not a world of egoism.

Also it’s a model society of the future for all of us human beings.

That’s the world which love and peace can create.

Learning one by one here in France, there are still a lot to learn.

Traveling is also education. And this world is a school.

People I meet are all teachers to me. I have to learn more and more.

Life is fun as long as we keep learning from someone else.

3 months have passed since I left London.

So many things have happened so far. And all I have to do is enjoy anything that happens each and every day.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3261.8 km

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