DAY96 Soustons 4 (France)

Spending time here in Souston, south west part of France.

This is a small village where my Wi-Fi rooter cannot catch the wave.

Elizabeth lets me use her network.

But my room is a bit far from her house and only inside the house I can get into network.

Without internet, I realize how much I have depended upon internet so far (though I’m sure I have always noticed the fact).

At 9 am I went for a cup of coffee at Elizabeth’s house.

She suggested to me we have a walk in the trail nearby with her neighbors.

That’s what we did. Catherine and 4 other ladies came together.

Quiet, calm trail was in the pinewood where nobody came around.

Just three cars passed by while walking.

I have followed the same kind of trail so often but there are nice trails here and there in this area, maybe all around France.

Must be good for mountain biking.

They say this is a weekly event held every Wednesday.

After 2-hour walk, we had a lunch.

Each one of them brought original cuisine.

Good wine and nice food, cheese, ham, salad and some cakes.

I may have taken more calories than I had spent in walking.

Isn’t it nice to spend a peaceful time with local people?

I happened to meet Elizabeth 6 days ago. And how many nice people have I met here so far?

My left ankle is getting better. No problem in walking a short distance.

Stiff muscle is becoming softer.

I put teatree oil after taking shower every day.

And I use One-Tooth Geta as a rehabilitation tool.

I don't need any medicine, nor doctors.

All I need is to believe natural power to cure myself.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3261.8 km

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