DAY75 Les Ormes-Poitiers 51.2km (France)

7 degrees in the morning was freezing!

I said goodbye to the owner and she saw me off at the gate of B&B.

Here I am in Southern France. There are so many small towns or villages but in a bigger towns or cities, traffic becomes busier.

Today too I hit on a close call.

How many times do I have to survive?

All of a sudden, shoulders are gone…it’s when survival game starts.

D910 was a kind of battle field. I don’t want to fight against anything though.

When I tried to cross the road, it’s a bit too difficult to catch a moment.

About 5:20 pm, I finished at the hotel in Poitiers.

I’m glad I’m still alive.

Hopefully, I’d like to run on a quiet and calm road tomorrow.

I feel happiest when I take off my shoes at a hotel after today’s run.

I’m through for today…

I say to myself, “Thanks for my tough and hard run today.”

And also I wish I can run my very best tomorrow too.

I did my best and completed today thinking it’s a final day of my life.

In that way repeating each day I refine myself.

It’s important to concentrate myself on the very moment.

We cannot tell what will happen in the future.

Only time will tell…That’s what we don’t have to know yet.

Living for the moment...

*Today’s Distance: 51.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2799.8 km

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