DAY78 Saint Fraigne-Birac 50.9km (France)

Chilly morning. Cloudy but soon the sun showed up.

Only running kept me warm.

After running 10km, I had another flat tire.

6km after that, I had a shaft of front wheel broken down.

Where there are grape fields, there are lots of hills like Adelaide, Australia.

Need more energy to push and go on with my buggy VIENTO2.

Mostly a quiet route today too.

I like a local highway but I am often barked at by dogs.

Some bark from inside the fence, it’s okay.

Very rare they run after me! That happened so many times especially in the Mid-west of the US.

About 6pm, Daniel the owner of B&B welcomed me.

She seemed to like chatting, as soon as we met, she didn’t stop talking.

Birac is also a small village. This B&B looks very old too like a castle or mansion.

I had dinner with her family. They spoke French, sometimes Daniel and her son Luca spoke to me English from time to time.

Good dinner, good wine, good people…Had a really good night.

*Today’s Distance: 50.9 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2945.4 km

* See More Photos

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