DAY80 Saint-Martin-d’Ary-Bonzac 38.7km (France)

In the morning, I talked with Michel the owner of B&B about life.

We human beings may have time to think about what life is for when we hit the wall.

We both had the same situation, working too hard without thinking about ourselves. Too many pressures and stress caused us to lose good health.

I believe life and travel are the same. We need some time to take a rest if we get tired. We don’t have to spend a hard time if we don’t want.

We were born to enjoy ourselves.

Today, I had a detour. I needed to turn back. But it’s not a waste of time.

Whatever happens, we have to think about its meaning.

I raise my hand to the drivers coming from the opposite direction as a greeting.

Here in France most drivers(maybe 9 out of 10) raise their hands.

This means, “How are you?” or “Bon jour.” in my own way.

Or it also means that I know you are here and you know I’m here.

While running all alone in the desert in the US or Australia, this greeting was a time to share the same moment with a company I met along the way or a time to enjoy our co-existence in such a vast land.

We live on the same planet earth in a same era and I hope we make a smile to each other so that we feel good and happy.

Although all I can say is Bon jour and Mercy in France, I’m glad French people treat me so good…

*Today’s Distance: 38.7 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3033.0 km

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