DAY88 (Genissac-)Libourne-Lormont 28.1km (France)

Finally the time has come when I re-start my run.

The 7th and final breakfast I eat here. Everything was so good.

Saying goodbye to Genissac, I remembered these 7 days…

Florence gave me a ride to VELO LAND cycle shop in Libourne.

While my buggy was being repaired, I walked around the town.

Visited the park where I had been at a loss just after that accident had happened.

And then I sat on a bench where I had sat after the accident.

Everything is changing. All we got to do is accept the change.

Never be afraid of changing.

Got back to VELO LAND at 10:30. Florence came and see me.

Everything was OK.

Florian the mechanician did well.

He did more than I had expected. He was a real mechanician, I believe so. I really appreciate him.

I was so happy to see my buggy VIENTO2 came back alive again.

Thanks Cristian the owner of VELO LAND. With your help, I was able to re-start my run!!

Hugged each other with Florence and said goodbye.

I couldn’t thank them enough.

Leaving Libourne at 11am, I headed to Bordeaux.

Smooth moving of two wheels, suspension is also good with no noise. Very quietly it running on the highway.

Just 28.1km run till I checked in at a hotel in Lormont.

Hope VIENTO2 will go the distance. We’ll be together until the end of the world!

It was so good running for the first time in a week.

It’s not until we cannot run that we realize how good it is to run.

A week must have been long till I am able to run again.

But it might have been a short time when it’s over.

I felt runner’s high some times today.

I was so happy that I shed tears while running.

I decided to run my very best living my very best.

Thanks so much all my friends and supporters!

*Today’s Distance: 28.1 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3073.9 km

* See More Photos

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