DAY84 Day-Off in Genissac 3 (France)

It’s been cloudy for three days in a row.

Temperature is lower than 15 degrees.

Walked to a post office in Moulon.

It’s nice to breathe fresh autumn air.

I love watching quiet scenes in autumn thinking about my precious one.

Repairing parts hasn’t arrived here yet.

Maybe next week.

All I got to do is enjoy resting and having excellent breakfast.

Even though my buggy broke down, I can re-start running after repairing it.

I can move on as long as I aim the final goal without giving it up.

There may be a time I have to stop running but there’s no looking back. There’s no turning back either.

Because I decided to move forward.

I take my time to go on little by little and step by step.

No worries. Only time will tell…

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3045.8 km

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