DAY87 Day-Off in Genissac 6 (France)

One-Tooth Geta always gives me a relaxing time.

After all I have spent a week here in Genissac.

Yesterday and today, I was in my room all day long.

But I was so very glad to have received a package from Japan.

Yes! Repairing parts arrived!!

Tomorrow I’ll bring them to VELO LAND in Libourne to have them fixed and I’ll be able to re-start my run.

I have to change my route again because of time limit.

I’d better follow direct route to Madrid, Spain so as to finish in early November.

I am supposed to make a flight to Paris from Madrid. And then I’ll run the final.

This project will be over when I leave Paris on 15th November.

But there are some passes(about 1000-1500 meters above sea level) I have to go beyond.

No matter how high they are, I have to go. I have two legs of my own which enabled me to go across Rocky Mountains in the US.

There’re only hope and dream in my future. No worries, no fear.

I have my own way that I got to follow.

I’ll make it for sure because I believe so.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3045.8 km

* See More Photos

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