DAY101 Saint Geours de Maremne 3 (France)

Always foggy in the morning. 7 degrees low, but high 23 degrees in the afternoon.

Catherine took me to the post office, I sent some postcards to Japan.

In the afternoon I was supposed to watch Christie surfing but they say the wave was too high today. It was cancelled.

Instead I explored and walked around Catherine’s place with a camera.

This is a land full of the nature’s beauty and miracle.

Everything coexists and lives in harmony.

All animals know how to behave in the wilderness as they are taught by the nature or they may be programmed to do act naturally from their instinct.

As we human beings are nothing but visitors here, we cannot change anything at all. We just leave the nature as it is.

We often misunderstand we are the number one in the nature.

It’s not true. We should always be generous and tolerant in the nature.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3275.0 km

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