DAY72 Day Off in Chambray Les Tours (France)

As something wrong happened to my buggy VIENTO 2 yesterday, I have to visit a cycle shop in the city tomorrow.

Unfortunately it’s Sunday, the shop is closed.

Suspension plate has been broken down. That’s why I have to take a day-off.

It’s a special part of a CHARIOT, I wonder if the shop has a stock of it.

Hope we can start running together again as soon as possible.

My buggy broke down because it worked too much carrying heavy luggage and ran on rough roads so ofter.

Now I have realized that it broke down instead of me.

If it had not broken down, I might have broken down.

This is a sigh, a sign from God or the universe which tells me to take a rest.

Also this trouble has made me change a schedule of my trek.

I have to give up the final goal in Lisbon, Portugal this time but I want to finish Santiago De Compostela.

I can take a bus or a train to the starting point Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Still 800 km to go. From here in Chambray Les Tours 1269km which is the same distance I ran in whole September.

Anyway, I have to be flexible and relaxed whatever may happen along the way.

Huge thanks all my supporters and sponsors for caring about me.

I’ll be with you even though you are far away from here.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2683.6 km

* No Photos, sorry!

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