DAY48 Werlte-Welveen 58.1km(Germany-Holland)

Last night I had my skin bitten by some mosquitos for the first time here in Europe.

Heat and humidity keep them alive.

Mr.Hofman, who is a manager of the hotel, is a Dutch. He crosses the border everyday for work.

There are people like him. Holland is a small country and they need to work out of their native country.

Followed a trail with lots of bump. Gravel roads are sometimes fun.

Corn fields reminds me of a movie “Field Of Dreams” which was a 1984 American movie, Kevin Costner starring.

Yes, I visited Dyersville, Iowa the movie site while I was cycling across the US.

Finally I crossed the border and entered Holland the 7th country I have visited as a PEACE RUN Running Around The World.

As soon as I arrived at B&B, the owner didn’t speak English.

So he called his friend who spoke English as a interpreter.

The owner first thought I hadn’t booked yet and he asked me if I had a cash to pay for the one night stay.

I said I had already paid by credit card via Booking.com.

I guess I should learn Dutch just a daily conversation.

There are tourists in Japan now, who don’t speak any Japanese.

Probably I might be like them.

*Today’s Distance: 58.1 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1667.0 km

*See More Photos

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