DAY42 Killarney-Dublin International Airport by bus(Ireland)

Daytime is getting shorter. The sun rises before 7am, which means summer is almost over.

After checking out at B&B, I moved to a bus station.

I wish I could have more time to enjoy Ireland but I got to keep running as far as possible.

Took a 12-noon bus to Dublin International Airport.

Spent 1.5 hours in Limerick for stopover.

Arrived at Dublin International Airport at 7:30pm.

My flight is due to 6:45am tomorrow reaching Hamburg, Germany in about 2 hours.

Looking outside from the bus window, everything seemed like a video movie being rewinded so fast which was moving away that I couldn’t see it.

I tried to remember everything that had happened and everyone I had met in this country.

A herd of sheep, cows, horses, old buildings made of bricks and stones, quiet towns or villages I had passed by, local cafe and pubs and people who spent time there…

people who wave their hands to me while I was running,

people who said hello to me, who smiled at me, who gave me food,

people who took care of me, who shook hands with me, who took picture of me,

people who told me the directions, who told me about Ireland, who gave me lessons of good life,

And people who asked me so many questions, who supported me in many ways…

Huge thanks to those people and to all the land of Ireland.

A piece of my soul may be an elementary particle and it keeps drifting away here in Ireland.

That will surely remind me of this country from time to time.

All the unforgettable memories are made in that way, I guess.

Yes, I’m a running traveler living earnestly and eagerly each and every moment,

standing in front of the past which we can never get back to,

looking forward to the future full of dreams and hopes,

*Today’s Distance: 0 km(from B&B to Bus Station less than 1km)

*Total Distance in Europe: 1378.1km

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