DAY54 Lopikerkapel-Breda 68.6km(Holland)

Owing to my mistake in finding a route today, I had to run 67km today.

I mistook a name of the campground I stayed last night for another. I wish I could have understand Dutch name.

Also, when I get tired, mistakes happen. Got to be careful.

Took a ferry boat to cross the river.

Because of the heat, I took a rest under the shade almost every 20-30 minutes.

Must have taken 5 liter water today?

Most tiring part was between 40 and 50 km points.

I was losing consciousness under the temperature 31 degrees.

Running alone, with no one to talk to, I just kept moving forward pushing my buggy.

Sometimes I didn’t know where I was or I didn’t realize what I was doing.

This is not a running race. No time limit, no checkpoints along the route.

All I got to do is finish within today.

Had a flat tire around 50 km point, which disappointed me most.

As soon as I repaired it in 10 minute or so, I started running again.

Evening run after the sunset, it’s not dark yet. But so mysterious running alone in the dark trail.

Running it the dark I always got nervous because I have trauma in the night run. A few years ago I had my leg bitten by dog at night. And I fell down into the gutter drain on the roadside.

I have unforgettable two injuries(I want to forget if possible), both of which occurred at night in my life.

I wore reflecting vest and head ramp and put on two reflecting tapes on my ankles.

Finally at 9:30, I was successful to finish 68.6km, which is the longest distance I have run in this trek. Amazing!

I was so glad to see the neon sigh of the hotel.

As soon as I entered the room, I took a shower though it was hard to stand still.

And I rushed into my bed, until I woke up to find myself asleep just 20 minutes. So I tried to eat something. Drank so much water I was not so hungry. Maybe my stomach was also tired too.

Have covered 1956.4 km, almost 2000 from the start. But it’s still half of the total distance I am going to run in Europe.

Take it easy, take it slow. My goal will be waiting for me as it is until I reach.

*Today’s Distance: 68.6 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1956.4 km

*See More Photos

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