DAY44 Hamburg-Ahrenswohlde 56.8km (Germany)

Started in the rain at 7:30.

Sidewalk continued as long as I ran.

Even the traffic is heavy, it’s nice to run on the sidewalk.

No stress at all. And I never get lost.

For some 15km it smelled bad because there were chemical factories and oil distillery.

On Sundays most of supermarkets are closed. Some cafe and gas station open.

There was a rainstorm and I sheltered at bus stop with a roof.

I ran with rain jacket and pants almost all day long.

After 7pm, I finished running at a community park of Arlenswohlde.

It was quiet and I pitched my tent on the lawn ground.

In countryside, time goes so slow and people are nice and tolerant.

I asked a local if I could pitch my tent here at this park.

And he said, “I think it’s okay because this is a community place.”

That’s how I pitched my tent about half an hour before the sun set.

I’ll keep running with no day-off as long as possible.

The distance should be more than 50 km per day so I’ll finish by the end of October in Lisbon, Portugal.

*Today’s Distance: 56.8 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1455.3km

*See More Photos

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