DAY60 Tournai-Cuincy 42.9 km(France)

In the morning I said Bonjour to Jaco and Monique, the owner of Maison Tahereh.

When I checked in yesterday, they were out for Brussel.

Had a breakfast together with cyclists from Holland. Home-made bread, ham and cheese…everything was good.

When I checked out, they said I didn’t have to pay for the stay.

I asked why. They said we had the same goal…WORLD PEACE.

Then I knew they are Bahaii People…

I learned about Bahaii Faith for the first time in Winnipeg, Canada in 1994. A young man who worked for Bahaii Center welcomed me to stay at their place. He took care of me about a week. He gave me a Bahaii T-shirt in which WORLD PEACE and smily drawn.

The next year in Perth, Western Australia, I walked to see City Festa. A man saw me in this T-shirt and asked me why I had worn the T-shirt. So I explained what had happened in Canada.

I attended Bahaii Meeting after the fasting. I remember having speech out there.

It’s a law of attraction, isn’t it?

The day before yesterday I was looking for a place to stay around Tourney. I happened to find this B&B and sent an e-mail to the owner.

Soon they gave me a replay and said, “Peace is for us also very important.”

Anyway this is a big surprise!

Tomorrow is World Peace Day…

I’m sure what I’m doing now is right. I keep running to see more and more people to share PEACE.

Drizzling in the morning but soon sunny blue sky spread.

Had a lunch break on a nice location!!

About 5pm I checked in at a hotel in Cuincy.

About 200km to Paris. Got to keep moving forward!

*Today’s Distance: 42.9 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2199.1 km

*See More Photos

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