DAY43 Hamburg:Airport-City Centre (Germany)

Spent the night at the airport.

Around 4am, people came around the check-in counter.

Glad I didn’t have to pay extra charge for my luggage.

Got out of Ireland with no problem.

Saying goodbye to Ireland, I headed to Germany.

Just 2-hour flight I arrived at Hamburg Airport.

Successfully passed the passport control and was able to get into the country.

Sleepy but drank a cup of cappuccino and built my buggy.

Just 10km run to the hostel.

Enjoyed shopping at Lidle. I was surprised to see food sold very cheap as well as beer!

City is clean with lots of green and parks.

Felt like loving Germany!!

All I need to do is heading to the west!!

*Today’s Distance: 10.4 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1388.5km

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