DAY69 Saran-Mer 49.2 km (France)

While moving, I’m all alone most of the time with no one talk to.

I keep silent for a long time.

Travelers sometimes have to go through a hard time which makes them stronger.

As life needs some spice, travel should have many ways to taste

Every hardship is not to be conquered but to taste or enjoy.

We got to joy when good things happen.

Even when we experience hard time, we can smile talking about it later.

That’s what travel and life are for.

Edinho from Brazil welcomed me with a glass of beer at a hostel in Mer. He seems like a chief staff.

He said he had spent a lot of time in traveling around Europe looking for an ideal place to stay.

Eager to learn anything such as language, culture and people.

Both of us might have something similar and common as a traveler.

He's alos dreaming of traveling all over the world.

Mer is a nice small Medieval town which has a long history.

It’s a town of my favorite type like Cashel, Ireland.

Though I was washing my clothes late at night, I lost my sense and fell down to sleep.

*Today’s Distance: 49.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2593.2 km

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