DAY51 Dronten-Almere 34.2km(Holland)

Dark clouds took some rain but it soon stopped.

As usual, I followed a cycle route to the west.

There are plenty of cyclists in this country.

It’s because there are plenty of cycle routes here, there and everywhere.

Each route has a number and there are maps and sighs on the route.

It’s much more convenient than google maps.

I often see senior couples enjoy cycling many many times everyday.

Solo cyclists as well as group cyclists enjoy riding too.

Tandem bicycles are sometimes seen and some ride bicycles with trailers in which their kids or pets ride.

This is why Holland is called a paradise for cyclists.

People are very health conscious and ride bicycles so often.

They try not to drive cars. They ride bicycles which keeps them in good health.

They don’t have to spend less money for medical service.

The more often they ride bicycles, the more benefits they get.

I hope this is what my country Japan has to be in the future.


About 4pm, I checked in at B&B in Almere. The owner’s wife is Naomi, which is a common Japanese girl’s name but she is a Dutch. She is an acupuncturist.

The owner is also a serious cyclist. And he said he was a natural born traveller.

Had an excellent dinner plus €5…macaroni & beans soup was so good!!

While running, I keep silent without speaking to anyone most of the time. But it’s nice to meet someone and to have a good time together.

I’m always dreaming of a perfect World Peace beyond the horizon…

*Today’s Distance: 34.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1813.2 km

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