DAY64 Fleurines-Saint Denis 54.3 km (France)

Sunny morning. I wonder when it will rain. I haven’t worn a rain jacket for a while.

Followed various roads such as single track of trails, grassy rough roads, highway with no shoulder or sidewalk where cars driving faster than 100km…

Yes, I’m a running traveler. I have to go on no matter what kind of road stretches in front of me. And I have to accept any risk. That’s what a travel(an adventure) is for, I think.

There were detour twice because of construction.

Most of travelers now depend upon digital devices such as GPS.

When we lose net connection, we fail to go on.

But when we live in analogue age, we are able to go on depending on communication.

When we get lost, we can ask anyone. Local people will help if we’re in trouble.

Yes, it’s  true we live in a very convenient era.

It means if we depend on digital tools, we may have a chance to lose humanity.

Don’t keep silent before your digital tools. Find someone you can talk to wherever you go.

Now I’m in France. Some people speak English but most of them speak French.

I’m trying to memorize French words and daily conversation.

But how sad it is to face aging…The more I memorize, the more I forget.

Got to do my best each and every day…

It’s been a hard day. Finished about 7pm.

*Today’s Distance: 54.3 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 2401.4 km

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