DAY52 Almere(Moving to another B&B:Holland)

The sun rises after 7AM and sets about 8PM. My running hours are getting shorter.

Had a big breakfast, I ate too much. Whatever I eat it’s so good.

Started at 9AM. Just a short run to another B&B in the city of Almere. I got to get a new pair of running shoes which ALTRA JAPAN(one of my sponsors) offered.

Perfect sunny blue sky! It’s so nice to run under the sun.

Enjoying the view of the lakes, it was too short a run for me today.

About noon I checked in at B&B Almere.

The owner Jonathan is a Christian who also likes running and cycling. He plays gold too.

He is now in charge of his project that he makes schools in Uganda and India.

I heard something about refugees in Holland.

Refugees come from Africa as well as Syria.

Some pretend refugees to work here and make money.

There are many people who need help and support.

Especially kids need education. It’s not fair poor people cannot go to school. That’s why he is trying to help those kids.

Of course this project needs not only a lot of money but also time and efforts.

There are still much more people who need support.

We got do something we can do, it’s better than doing nothing, of course.

Finally I got a new pair of ALTRA Instinct3.5.

I’m sure this ALTRA will make me feel much more fun running.

How happy I am running under the perfect blue sky…

Summer still continues for me.

*Today’s Distance: 13.6 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 1813.2 km

*See More Photos

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