DAY102 Saint Geours de Maremne 4 (France)

I woke up to find myself under the sunny blue sky!

It’s been a while since I saw such a beautiful sky last.

November started just today.

In 2011 I was still along the way running across the US heading to NYC.

About this time I had a hard time running in the chilly rain, when the Halloween cold front hit the east coast.

I’ll be in Paris a week from now (8th of November), when Piapi my wife and her pals will join me.

And the day after(9th of November) I’ll run from the airport to the Arch of Triumph.

As so many things have happened in October, my schedule was changed so often and I have spent so many days without running.

But now I can imagine myself running through the arch with a big smile where there friends of mine come and see me.

As I always say, “Every goal is a passing point.”

It’s just a step which lead us to the next starting point.

I haven’t finished yet but I got to look upon the future beyond the goal.

My next trek “PEACE RUN 2017 Running Around Europe Part2” has already started in my mind.

One thing I am looking forward to is to have my own family.

I have lived together with Piapi but we are not husband and wife in law yet.

So we are going to become husband and wife in law on November 22, the day is called “II Fufu no Hi=A Day of Good Wife and Husband).”

It’s strange that in this society only a sheet of paper decides our relationship.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3275.0 km

*No More Photos

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