DAY108 Irun (Spain)

A scene from a hotel room...Irun, Spain

A friend of my told me IRUN(where I am now) is an appropriate name to me because it reads “I RUN.”

It made me nod.

Chilly rain is pouring all day.

4 degrees in the morning made me feel it’s perfectly winter.

Shopped at the supermarket in town.

First time I touched a part of Spanish culture.

I wish I could stay a little bit longer here in Spain.

All I did was spending just a few days only doing shopping at the supermarket.

Looking forward to coming back the next time.

Tomorrow I’ll run to San Sebastian Airport just 2 km away from here.

Then I head to Paris via Madrid. The final run is due on 9th from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Arc de Triomphe.

Then I have a week to enjoy sightseeing in Paris with my wife Piapi and our her pals.

It’s about a week from today when I come back in Osaka for the first time in 3.5 months.

General map of the route I have followed...It's about 3,400km and the distance is as long as the length of Japan, from north to south end.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3350.3 km

*See More Photos 

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