Day21 Paraparaumu2

Taking another day off today and I will head to Wellington tomorrow.

They say weather will be nice tomorrow.

I take 2 days off in a row for the first time in 3 weeks since I left Auckland.

Got to re-charge my energy before landing South Island.

Taking a look at Howard’s work place. He’s a carpenter and he also makes furniture.

Sunny and warm. I felt like taking a walk around the beach in Samurai costume with One-Tooth Clog (Ipponbageta) on.

Late afternoon, Jody(a daughter of Howard & Jan’s) came and visit us with two girls(her daughters).

We enjoyed KENDAMA(Cup & Ball Game) and Ipponbageta together.

I gave them some crafts of ORIGAMI(Paper folding).

Kids were so glad to see ORIGAMI for the first time.

Sometimes I feel I’m sowing the seeds of PEACE here and there where I visit during my travel.

It is my mission to bring happiness to those who welcome me.

What I can do is not so much but I’m really happy if they make happy smiles for just a little while.

I’m really happy too if we can share a happy and peaceful moment with each other.

Probably I’m trying to make families wherever I am while traveling.

If we are all earthling and citizens of the world, I feel as if  we might be brothers and sisters.

May it be a comfortable and easy time for all of them as well as for me.

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 685.04km

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