Day20 Paraparaumu

Howard and Greywacke the cat

Taking a day off at Howard & Jan’s place.

Time is passing slow and mellow on a day like this.

Cloudy and sometimes a light drizzle.

Light breakfast with cereal, toast and coffee.

Howard got out for work, Jan was busy doing cleaning, laundry and gardening in the morning.

I spent most hours in front of my MacBook Air, writing a journal, checking e-mails and chatting my wife Piapi.

Making a plan in South Island.

Roughly estimated, I might be running 2500km in South Island.

I will have done 735km in North Island by the time I reach Wellington. That means I will run 3200km in

I’m wondering if I can finish such a distance by February 9 when I leave Christ Church for Japan.

Jan showed me around Kapiti area by car.

We strolled along a good trail in the park.

But all of a sudden, what caught my eye was the construction of a new motorway.

Convenient life will surely bring inhabitants some factors such as noise, scene, exhaust gas.

How can we human beings co-exist mother nature?

This town is not so far from Wellington but very quiet and calm, not too busy.

Jan says this is an ideal town.

We drove to a sea side restaurant called “Fisherman’s Table” in the evening.

They said it was her daughter Jody’s birthday today and we had a party out there.

Jody’s family was together. Miles, youngest son of Howard & Jan, too.

We can enjoy ocean view of Tasman Sea but unfortunately both the sky and the sea looked gray because of the

Fish & Chips was really good, I enjoyed salad bar as well as beer.

Howard & Jan have 5 kids in total, two of whom live in Australia, one in England. Only Jody and Miles are here in New Zealand.

Even during Christmas holidays they cannot come together.

Three come back during summer holidays but not every year or Howard & Jan visit them abroad.

But as we’re in the 21st century we can exchange e-mails or enjoy chatting via Skype, we don’t have to meet so often.

Is that what our life now is for?

Both my husband are still fine in their mid-80s but they are living away from the internet.

Snail mail or phones are the only ways for communication.

How happy I have been to enjoy ordinary meals 2 days in a row!

In addition, I’m so glad to be with someone enjoying meals and conversation together with them.

Traveling alone is an easy way to live but keeping myself running alone can create an obstinate human being in me.

Sometimes I have to have an opportunity to be surrounded by people and to act like human. That’s how I feel.

   Having good dinner with good people

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 685.04km

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