Day18 Sanson to Levin

I was supposed to visit Parmerston North but I changed my mind.

So what I did was keep following State Highway1 straight to Wellington.

About 140km to the Capital. Probably 3 days to go.

Soon after leaving Sanson, I found a picnic table at Waireka Manuka factory outlet.

While I was taking a short break, the owner came up to me.

Richard was his name. We talked about travel for a while.

He asked me if I liked honey and I said yes.

I received a small bottle of NZ Manuka Honey.

Richard said he was glad to have met me.

And I said thanks and goodbye to him

Chilly wind was still blowing.

I’m getting closer to the sea…Yes, Tasman Sea.

Beyond the sea is the continent I ran across last year…Australia.

Kept running while playing with cows and sheep.

Slow pace, 7-8km per hour.

I don’t have to hurry. Even if I run slowly, it’s okay if I can reach today’s goal by the end of the day.

It’s been sunny most of the day.

Had some head wind and hills but I made it.

About 3pm, I finished running at a motel at the entrance of the town of Levin.

*Today’s Distance: 47.7km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 638.03km

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