Day13 Turangi to Waiouru

Start my day at 4am.

Had a weird dream…wonder why native Mexicans show up and I was still a teacher…

Around 5, some tourist were there already eating breakfast.

We were talking about our travel.

Left the motel before 6. Start climbing!!

My target was Road Summit of Desert Road(State Highway 1), 1074m.

The grade of the hill was generally 6-8 percent. Shoulders were as wide as my buggy “VIENTO” but traffic was not that heavy.

Feeling so high under the sunshine surrounded by clean air.

Snow-capped Mt.Tongariro motivated me so much.

Funny I shed tears the reason I didn’t know.

To tell the truth, I first thought there was no desert in New Zealand but it was a lie.

So the first time I heard the name of DESERT ROAD, I thought it was only a name.

Watching the map, there were no towns, no stores, no accomodation. There were some rest areas but all they had was rubbish bin and picnic tables.

Of course there were no cows, horses, goats and sheep.

Had a desert storm on the way.

When huge trucks pass me by, there comes a roaring wind, which blows away the sand on both sides of the road.

I was washed away by the sand twice.

At 2:30, 8.5 hours after I left Turangi, I reached Road Summit 1074m. About 42km from Turangi.

21km to Waiouru, there were some more hills.

And after Road Summit, NZ Military Training Area stretches both sides of the highway.

I saw some trucks of the military come and go.

And near the town of Waiouru, I saw about 10 soldiers walking with guns in camo suits.

Sign board says, “Entering Prohibited: Firing and shooting occur at any time. Stay on road.”

While running, I often think of the past…

Remembering something good that has happened to me since I was born…

Remembering names and faces of the friends I have ever had so far…

Singing the songs I have ever sung in my life…

Time passes faster than I imagine.

I often take a deep breath in climbing hills.

At 6 I finally finished today at a motel in Waiouru, after running almost 12 hours.

Long day! It will be one of the longest day in New Zealand.

Both my legs were OK but I felt so bored, tired of running all alone in the desert.

It was quite chilly as well in the highland.

Kept standing while taking a break.

Today’s run reminded me of the Nullarbor, desert plain in Australia.

*Today’s Distance: 63.85km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 471.47km

*See More Photos

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