Day15 Taihape

Taking a day off, late start at 6am.

Climbing hills gradually damages my body as well as my legs.

I was OK yesterday though.

Probably 2-week-run is knocking me out little by little.

Anyway I got to take good care of myself for running in South Island.

Still a long way to go.

Scattered showers in the morning.

Weather is not stable yesterday and today.

In addition, it’s pretty chilly between 4 and 15 degrees.

It’s a climate of March in Osaka, Japan.

South wind from Antarctic is so cold.

I know here I am in Southern Hemisphere.

Walking around downtown Taihape.

It’s interesting to learn the culture walking around each town.

Watching people, shops and stores… I can understand how local people live their lives.

Looking around at Brown Sugar Cafe Sports.

I asked the owner to take some photos so as to introduce outdoor culture in NZ to people in Japan.

It was the first time for me to see cafe and sports shop.

Although I have seen some cafes combined with bookstore.

Isn’t it so popular? How about your country?

Did some shopping at NEW WORLD the supermarket and got back to the motel.

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 500.64km

*See More Photos

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