Day14 Waiouru to Taihape

Left Waiouru at 7:30.

Seems like it rained last night.

Pretty chilly 7 degrees!!

Altitude got down to 400 meters even though I had some up and downs.

During a boring run, I have fun playing with sheep.

“Here comes a wolf!”

When I shout like that, I find it fun to see how sheep react.

Most of the sheep get away from me all of a sudden but a few sheep ignore me.

Funny how I know each sheep live its own life.

At rest area just 4km before Taihape, Howard and Jan said hello to me and treated a cup of coffee and blueberry muffin.

Both of them seem to like cycling and traveling so much that we enjoyed chatting for a while.

About 1pm I finished today’s run at a motel in Taihape.

I ran 500km in 2 weeks, which means I can run 1000km in one month.

The owner Jenny asked me some questions about my travel.

I was glad she would like to support me. She offered me a room which usually cost 80 dollar in 50 dollars.

To make matters better, as soon as I checked in at the motel, it started raining so hard.

How lucky I was!

Maybe five minutes later, I would have got soaked to skin.

I learned that this is all the law of attraction.

What is necessary to me now comes up to me naturally.

Took a hot shower and washed my clothes.

It still kept raining, seems like it doesn’t stop.

I went shopping at town center in the cold rain.

I remember how hard time I spent in the Nullarbor Plain when heavy rain fell all through the night in the middle of nowhere one night.

I just waited the dawn breaks without taking any sleep.

It depends upon what I am now…how many times I experience such happy times in a day.

Whatever I see, whatever I hear, whatever I touch, I feel happy.

That makes my world perfect.

I’m having days like that recently.

Feeling happy makes a perfect world.

I live my life but I realize that the universe allows me to do so.

*Today’s Distance: 29.17km

*Total Distance from Auckland: 500.64km

*See More Photos

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