Day49 Caiguna to Cocklebiddy 65.8km

Woke up at 3:30am.

Today's going to be a long day 65km to Cocklebiddy.

Started at 4:50 before the sunrise.

Cloudy but soon sunny breaks.

A car stopped before me and a couple from Sydney gave me some fruits and vegetables.

They say they have to throw away all fruits and vegetables at Border Village because of quarantine.

Anyway, what is necessary should be given. That's what I learned in the Nullarbor Plain.

In the afternoon wind blew from east south east.

It's hard to run 7km per hour against the wind.

It's not so hot. The temperature is about 28 degrees.

No shades along the way but cool wind helped me a lot.

Flies are always with me. About 100 of them are around my shoulders and arms.

When wind is strong they just stay calm.

I wear mosquito net so that they don't bother me.

As I entered Central Western Time Zone, I had to advance my watch 45 minutes.

About 4:40pm, I arrived Cocklebiddy Roadhouse.

Running 65km in the desert can be tough and hard.

I cannot believe why I can run such a long distance.

*Today's Distance: 65.8km

*Total Distance from Perth: 1738.1km

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