DAY106 Biarritz 2 (France)

Pouring rain outside. No run today but tomorrow I have to run in the chilly rain.

It will be 6-10 degrees. When the wind brows, I feel much colder.

Just 30 km to Irun, Spain. It’s going to be my goal this time.

I’ll be leaving Spain at San Sebastian Airport for Paris the day after tomorrow.

I have been enjoying my daily life here in non-English speaking countries in Europe since I arrived in Hamburg, Germany on the 4th of September.

I have never felt home sick because of internet, food is so good and everyone is so nice and kind. It may be hard to say goodbye to Europe.

My run in Europe this time ends in Irun, Spain tomorrow just after crossing the border of Spain.

Final run is due on 9th from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Arc de Triomphe. About 20km.

About 100-day travel made me learn so many things filled with lots of encounter, discovery and notice.

There have been so many experiences and so many encounters while traveling.

They are treasures I have got during the travel.

But I have 23,400 km to go on 3 continents(Eurasia, Africa and South America) even if I have finished this running in Europe(about 3,360 km).

How big the planet earth is!!

As I love Earth, I love all the people living there.

As I love this world, I want to make it much better.

I’ll keep running on the planet with the policy that I’m a citizen of the world.

As long as I got two legs of my own and there is only one road before me, my travel never ends.

See this YouTube movies and think about what you have to do now...

You can see it until 2pm November 8 (JST).

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3318.1 km

*No More Photos Sorry!

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