The Day After Final Run (Paris, France)

Woke up to find myself not alone. My wife is next to me.

In my dream I was still running.

2 years ago today I left Japan for Auckland to run across New Zealand.

3 years ago yesterday I finished running across the Nullarbor Plain, South Australia.

As I often say, every goal is just a passing point.

I want to keep chasing what’s beyond the goal.

But I’m happy spending a relaxing time in a hotel room looking back to these 110 days.

Every day I feel happiest to live for the moment surrounded by good companies. I always appreciate someone and something with no reason.

Walk around the hotel with Piapi and we found marche held near the hotel .

Every shops, stores and buildings looked good to us.

We felt as if we had been in an imaginary world.

My lonely days were finally gone, with no one to talk to…

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