DAY109 Irun-Paris (France)

Chilly morning. Felt like staying in the fridge.

Soon Piapi, my wife and her pals will arrive in Paris.

Starting at 8:30 am in the rain, just 2.2 km to San Sebastian Airport.

Too early to check in, so I waited for a while until my wet buggy got dry then packed it up.

A guy, who looked like Billy Joel and an office clerk of Iberia Airline, asked me if I was going to Madrid. I said yes.

And then he issued airline ticket for me 2 hours earlier than check in time.

Piapi and her pals arrived at the Charles de Gaulle Airport but what happened to them was lost-baggage.

What!? They have no suitcase with them. Hope they will be found as soon as possible.

Spent about 2 hours for the transition in Madrid, just 2.5-hour flight to Paris.

Met my wife for the first time in 3.5 months.

As I haven’t seen any Japanese person and haven’t spoken any Japanese for a long time, meeting them made me feel kind of strange.

We took a shuttle bus to the hotel.

Enjoyed buffet at the restaurant.

How gorgeous and delicious!

Ate too much…

Tomorrow is the final run.

Because of wind and rain I guess I have to change the route.

I plan to start in front of our hotel in Le Marais.

Estimated arrival time at Arc de Triomphe is 3 pm.

Hope the weather will be nice.

*Today’s Distance: 2.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3352.5 km

*See More Photos

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