Final day in Paris.

Another cloudy day.

First I went for a 70 postage stamps at La Poste(post office).

I got to send postcards to those who had supported me through crowdfunding.

They say Montmartre has a friendship-town relationship with Kobe Kitano.

Both are similar and famous for lots of hills.

Place du Tertre is the mecca of modern art where there are lots of painters.

I met a 63-year-old Japanese painter who had lived in Paris more than 40 years.

He told me about his life in Paris and Paris today.

He said he had his own vision. His purpose of painting is to make people smile and to make them feel happy. He insisted we have to help each other to make ourselves happy.

I was walking around in Japanese Kimono and One-Tooth Geta.

Everyone looks at me and asked me if they could take photos.

I can make friends just walking around in One-Tooth Geta.

But it was a bit hard to walk on stone pavement so rough and uneven.

There were two black men singing and playing the guitar near Basilique du Sacré-Cœur.

And Piapi, Goro and Kentaro joined them.

They started to sing together so loud and so happily.

People came around one after another.

About 50 people surrounded them to enjoy their performance.

Everyone of players and audience smiled clapping their hands and sang together.

Yes, it was a time when all of us realized that music is a universal language.

At Basilique du Sacré-Cœur I met Isabela who is a dancer.

Isabel said she was so much interested in Japanese culture such as kimono.

We talked for a while and I let him try on my One-Tooth Geta.

She said she was so happy to wear One-Tooth Geta and that she would like to have a pair.

One-Tooth Geta must be good for a dancer which surely affects a lot.

Another encounter was at Starbucks near Basilique du Sacré-Cœur.

A couple aged between 65 and 70 years old. They sat beside us and asked us if free wifi was available out there.

They said they liked traveling and actually they travel around the world.

We took some photos together.

Smile can connect us all. Yes, that’s what peace is for.

At night Kentaro and I went for a meeting Japanese runners who live in Paris.

We enjoyed talking about running for almost 4 hours at a Chinese restaurant.

Today was full of encounters, discovery and notices…I learned a lot.

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