Walking around Paris with Piapi.

Chilly, cloudy and drizzle.

Visited a shopping mall called Le Forum des Halles.

Christmas holidays are drawing near.

It’s Sunday. Some stores were closed but some weren’t.

I saw people’s smiles and heard people’s laughter here and there.

There were families, friends and lovers.

We’re connected to each other, that’s why we can share a peaceful moment.

Walking with my wife, I really appreciate the very moment on which we enjoy life in peace.

It’s been a year today when there was a terrorist’s attack in Paris.

Now there are lots of soldiers with automatic rifles walking around with serious faces.

There was also a memorial event held in town.

At a department store, a young man from Edinburgh talked me while I was walking in Japanese Kimono and One-Tooth Geta(wooden sandal).

Joe was his name. He was his girl friend. He said he was so curious about my geta. And I let him wear mine, which made him smile a big smile.

I told him about this One-Tooth Geta. He said he would like to have a pair.

People always pay attention to One-Tooth Geta wherever I am.

It’s a special tool which can raise people’s attention.

I shared a peaceful moment with Joe.

I can imagine he walks in One-Tooth Geta with a big smile again.

Someday it will come true, I hope.

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