DAY109 Final Run (France)

Leaving a hotel about 12 noon, we moved to another hotel in Le Malais.

Getting ready for the final run, we started after 1pm.

Piapi, Goro and Kentaro were running together with me.

It was raining on and off and wind blew a bit too hard.

Les Champs-Elysees was so beautiful and exciting.

I was surprised to see Arc de Triomphe getting closer.

Suddenly rain stopped as soon as I reached it.

It was in the middle of round about. Pedestrian couldn’t enter.

So we went downstairs through tunnel, then moved under Arc de Triomphe.

After running 3360km in 110 days, visiting 7 countries, I finished PEACE RUN 2016 Running Around Europe Part1.

So happy to run with my pals and two friends came and see me.

We took photos shared the happiest moment in my life.

See the movie which Goro and Mina took.

*Today’s Distance: 6.3 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3358.8 km

*See More Photos

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