DAY105 Biarritz (France)

Another day-off in Biarritz. I’ll leave Sunday morning.

I was bitten by mites during the night.

Mites kept me awake.

I used to stay at an old small apartment in my university days, where I was often attacked by mites.

It’s too small to see but on a white sheet it’s visible in my eyes.

Little did I expect to have been bitten by mites here in France!

Went out for a shopping in a drizzle.
Even though I don’t run, I eat a lot.

I don’t eat that much at one time but I have a dairy product such as cheese and yogurt, and a food made from flour or meal, such as bread and cakes.

I guess may have become fat looking at me in the mirror.

When I come back in Japan, I’ll try fasting again and take much soya beans or food processed from soya beans like TOFU.

We are what we eat, that’s true.

When something wrong with us, food habit will change.

*Today’s Distance: 0 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3318.1 km

*No More Photos Sorry!

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