DAY107 Biarritz-Irun (Spain)

Mites woke me up during the night, so itchy!

Weather forecast said 100 percent chance of rain.

And storm and flood warning was out in the south western part of France.

Temperature 6-10 degrees, I got to keep myself warm.

Started at 9 am when the rain slacked up.

But it was raining on and off all through the day.

Both of my shoes and socks were wet. It’s okay as long as I kept running but once I stopped I felt so chilly.

When I arrived at Saint Jean de Luiz, which was a 15 km point, the rain stopped a little while and the blue sky showed up but soon dark clouds covered the sky…

Last 10 km was a hill climb. These mountains might be a part of Pyrénées Mountains.

Suddenly something hard hit my rain jacket. It was not rain but hail!!

About 2:30 pm I cross the river and the border of Spain.

Checked in at a hotel in Irun at 3 pm. The owner didn’t speak English but he was a nice guy. He helped me carry my baggage into the room.

This is the end of PEACE RUN 2016 Running Around Europe Part1.

I covered from Hamburg, Germany to Irun, Spain.

The final run is due on 9th. I will run from a hotel near Charles de Gaulle Airport to Arc de Triomphe.

*Today’s Distance: 32.2 km

*Total Distance in Europe: 3350.3 km

*See More Photos

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