DAY6 Rugby-Solihull 57.5km(England UK)

Google Map sometimes gives me a tough test.

When it tells me to make a turn right, there’s no route…what can I do?

Or when I have done as I was told to, I may get into trouble.

It’s just like Alice In Wonderland falling into a hole chasing a weird rabbit.

In a round-about today, there were 3 lanes and also it’s under construction.

There was a sign board which showed the direction.

But the direction which I wanted to go was shut for the construction.

The sigh board suggested the de tour.

As I checked on Google Map, the route was 7 km longer than I had planned!

NCR(National Cycle Route) runs mostly along the canal.

There are some gates to keep motor cycles from coming in.

But for me who pushes a buggy, it is nothing but a stupid hurdle.

Today three gentlemen (all are 60yrs or older) helped me lift up to go beyond the gate.

In a gate, I unloaded all the gear from a buggy and lifted an empty one beyond the gate and load the gear again.

When I run on the normal highway and there’s no sidewalk with a narrow shoulder, I run on the right side of the highway.

Cars come up just in front of me which scares me.

When a car come up on the left lane behind me, another car coming from the front reduces its speed and wait a while till the car on the left lane goes by.

It’s not fun anyway.

Another flat tire again! What a thorn!!

Muddy trail gave me a hard time.

It’s not easy to go on soft ground.

My shoes were also covered with mud.

Apparently everything is so stressful but I need some time to think the meaning of it one by one.

It always comes back to the basic idea…why do I was born and live my life?

Finally I finished my run at a hotel established 1887 in Solihull.

*Today’s Distance: 57.5km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 229,9km

*See More Photos

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