DAY5 Day Off in Rugby (England UK)

Woke up in the morning listening to the sound of the rain.

Even if I’m tired, it’s getting faster to recover.

It means the cells of my body have got more active.

Also hair and nails grow faster than usual while running 50km everyday.

Washed clothes with soap and water without using washing machine.

Did some work on PC afternoon and walked around the town for a while when the rain stopped.

Found a fish bar near the Rugby Station (Photo).

Got and ate fish and chips for the first time here in England.

The taste reminded me of the one I ate with Tenkyu Ping Pongs (Music Unit which my wife PIAPI belongs to) in Madura, South Australia.

It was when I ran across the Nullarbor where desert plain stretches as far as 1200km.

They came and see me without any notice one day before my 53rd birthday.

Eating fish and chips, I spent a while remembering those good old days…

*Today’s Distance: 0km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London: 172.4km

*See More Photos

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