DAY8 Rugeley-Stoke-on-Trent 41.7km(England UK)

As soon as I started, I had to go down the stairs when entering NCR(National Cycle Route)#5.

That’s because I couldn’t find the slope.

Just after then, gusty wind blew away my PEACE RUN flag!!

It was blown away on the canal.

I ran after it but the stream was much faster than I had thought.

Soon a narrow boat came up and I asked a gentleman on the boat to pick it up.

Unfortunately the flag was gone into the stream as the boat passing by.

Lesson: Everything that happens before you has its own meaning.

I learned that the flag had gone because it played its role.

I hope someone picks it up and he/she will access PEACE RUN website and send it to me.

Most of the time I ran along the canal, where I saw many many narrow boats. They are the ones who live on the water.

Narrow boats are what is called a moving house, something like caravan or RV.

They move as fast as we walk fast. Actually they are slower than I who pushes a buggy.

Sometimes they enjoy fishing, enjoying tea or coffee at cafe nearby, and they walks their dogs along the path.

How slow and mellow time goes by…

*Today’s Distance:41.7km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London:326.4km

*See More Photos

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