PEACE RUN 2016 Osaka-London

Finally I left Osaka for London.

I said goodbye to Piapi my wife at KIX(Kansai Int’l Airport) on 20, July.

Spent 34.5 hours till I got to hotel near the Heathrow Airport, London, UK.

Had the first stopover in Shanghai.

As soon as I checked my flight schedule, I noticed I had to stay overnight at Shanghai Airport.

Every time I take security check, I get nervous. Not once this time.

Next morning I flew to Paris taking 11 hours, watching 4 movies and having 2 meals.

4 hours in Paris, spending my time watching people go by or airplanes come and go.

After 2-hour flight, in entering the custom, there was a long line of people waiting their turns.

Just waiting for 2 hours only to have 30-second simple interview.

Took me 20 minutes to catch a taxi outside the airport.

As I got to hotel near the airport, it was 12:30am.

I rushed to bed with no power and energy to do anything.

Anyway I am so glad to be here in London where my PEACE RUN 2016 starts.

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